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FAQ's | Lolita+Enrique


The prices shown in our online store are retail.


We strive so that all the pieces shown in our online catalog are available at the time the purchase is made.

However, due to the high demand for our designs, and our artisanal production processes, from time to time not all designs will be available to be shipped immediately, if this is the case we will contact you and give you options.

Our Quality

We are a third generation of silver jewelry designers and manufacturers. Four decades producing silver jewelry back us up.

We have our own workshop, and we collaborate with more than 20 jewelers with vast experience in the manufacture of silver jewelry.

This allows us to control and guarantee the quality and purity of the silver content in our jewelry.

We guarantee that our jewelry will have the highest manufacturing quality or we will refund your money.

Silver Type

Sterling silver must contain a minimum of 92.5% pure silver (this is where the term 925 silver comes from), and the rest can be some other reactive metal such as gold or copper with which an alloy is created.

Most of Taxco's jewelry artisans use copper, however what makes our jewelry different is that most of it is made using a higher grade of silver purity than others.

We use in most of our pieces a content of 95% pure silver, this is necessary for the type of work we do.

All our pieces will be marked or stamped with the stamp .950 or .925 which indicates the degree of purity of silver used for the manufacture of said pieces of jewelry, as well as our signature.

By having a higher silver content, our jewelry will not rust (blacken) as quickly as jewelry with a 92.5% content.

Silver Jewelry Care

We recommend storing silver jewelry pieces for personal use in an airtight place, or simply in plastic bags to prevent the jewelry from being constantly exposed to oxygen, which is what creates the chemical reaction that oxidizes (blackens) the silver. If the silver has oxidized, simply using a few drops of alcohol and a flannel, the accumulated oxidation can be removed without difficulty. Also using a drop of liquid degreasing detergent and water will help remove oxidation. Later, using a flannel, the jewelry was dried and polished manually.

Shipping Cost National Purchases

The prices shown do not include shipping costs.

The shipping cost for national retail purchases less than $ 899.99 pesos is $ 230.00 pesos.

The shipping cost for national retail purchases of $ 9.00 pesos is FREE!

Shipping Cost Purchases Outside Mexico

The prices shown do not include shipping costs.

The shipping cost for international retail purchases under $ 5,999.99 pesos is $ 1,750.00MX pesos or its equivalent in US dollars on the date of purchase.

The shipping cost on international retail purchases over $ 6,000.00 pesos is FREE!

We supply our silver jewelry to the United States, Canada, most countries in Europe, Australia, and South America.

Delivery Time

We will send a notification once the ordered parts are ready to be shipped. It usually takes less than three days for parts to be shipped in stock. Estimated time for the shipment of pieces on request is less than 14 business days, depending on the complexity and the number of pieces ordered.

The transit time of the shipment is generally less than 3 business days for the arrival at the final destination.

Delivery of Purchase in Our Store

Alternatively, the purchase can be collected in person at our store in Taxco. You will have the opportunity to select this option at the time of purchase.


Payment Methods

We have a security system to protect your financial information when you make your purchase in our online store.

We accept all major credit and debit cards through PayPal.

Payment of your purchase can be made by bank transfer or direct deposit in our bank. For this option we will send the necessary information for the transaction or deposit to be made.

Alternatively you can make the payment with your credit card over the phone. We will contact you to obtain your credit card number by phone. Please do not send this information by email or via WhatsApp.

For security, when the payment is made using Paypal as a payment method, the purchase will be sent in 10 business days. To expedite the shipment, payment can be made by bank transfer or bank deposit, once the funds are confirmed, a notification of payment received will be sent. These last payment options are available at the time of completing the purchase.

Notification of the Status of your Purchase

We have an efficient system to notify via email of the status of your purchase. The confirmation via email of your purchase, payment approval, order dispatch and tracking number of your purchase will be notified to follow up on the purchase, as well as a notification with the estimated delivery date.


To simplify our transactions, all our prices include VAT. both retail and wholesale. If you need an invoice, simply provide your tax information in the "notes" space when making your purchase.

If you are a wholesale customer, and we will keep your tax information to provide the invoice automatically if requested.

Exchanges and Returns

(Our exchange policy applies only to retail sales)

We understand that choosing the right piece of personal jewelry sometimes doesn't turn out as expected, especially when shopping online. In case you order a piece of jewelry that is not entirely satisfactory, or you decide that it is not the right piece for you, you can exchange or return it. Shipping costs for return will be borne by the customer. The amount of the purchase will be refunded less the shipping cost (if the shipping amount was included in the total purchase) using the original payment method at the time of purchase.

Changes and returns will be accepted as long as the piece (s) returned is in its original condition, without abuse and without being used. The return request must be made within three business days from the order delivery date. Once the part is received and inspected, a corresponding refund will be issued.

We strive to monitor the quality of our silver jewelry, each piece is carefully inspected before it is shipped to ensure the quality of the silver jewelry and avoid returns, but if the piece reaches the customer with a manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately.

We will bear the shipping costs incurred in sending the part to our store, in addition to that we will cover the shipping costs for the replacement of said part. In case of not having the same part to make the replacement, we will offer other parts of the same value as an alternative.