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Silver From Taxco |About Lolita + Enrique | Wholesale And Retail Of Taxco Silver Jewelry

Silver From Taxco Wholesale | Wholesale Silver Jewelry Taxco Mexico | Lolita Enrique Joyeria Que Enamora

A little about us

We are manufacturers and designers of handmade silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico!

We are a family business with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture and design of silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico.

Direct manufacturers of silver jewelry, in addition to having our own jewelry workshop, we collaborate with more than 20 artisan jewelers from Taxco with vast experience in the manufacture of artisan-produced jewelry of the highest quality.

Our wholesale prices are highly competitive, we guarantee our designs.

We are constantly creating new lines and designs, all the designs available in our online catalog are of our own creation. We also offer the manufacture of molds and steel dies for the manufacture of your exclusive designs. Contact us to give more information about this service.

Lolita + Enrique Silver Jewelry Manufacturers from Taxco offer:

• Wide variety of silver jewelry designs from Taxco, Mexico.

• We constantly create new and unique designs. We always have something new!

• Excellent quality and prices.

• We collaborate with artisan jewelers from Taxco, which makes it easy to ensure that our quality and silver content in our jewelry is guaranteed.

• In addition to having our own jewelry workshop, we provide paid employment to Taxco families with tradition and experience of artisan jewelry, which allows us to minimize the turnover of our artisans.

• We have more than 40 years of experience in the artisan silver jewelry industry.